Positive Parenting = successful and confident children

Positive Parenting = successful and confident children!

I am so excited about writing my first book! I am doing everything to get it published, so I recently went to an event called “Mega Book Marketing University” with Mark Victor Hansen (you know him from the many “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books he’s co-authored with Jack Canfield). The event was magnificent and helped tremendously!

Mark Victor Hansen’s latest book, “The Richest Kids in America”, is the greatest example of positive parenting. The “kids” are all talented in their own unique way, but all share the same love: love for themselves and their passions and love and gratitude for their positive moms and positive dads.

I was overwhelmed with joy during “The Richest Kids in America” panel. The stories, the eloquence, the passion…You can see for yourself, simply visit their websites!
Allyson AmesMaryanne BarrottOlivia BennettMartina ButlerChelsea EubankMacKay HatchCameron JohnsonChauncey HollomanAkiane KramarikJasmine LawerenceNathan NguyenJason O’NeilAshley QuailsEphren Taylor

I am sure you’ll be impressed and inspired like I was. And here is a video that will tell you what makes successes like these possible:

So start today! Find out what your child’s passion is. Dig and learn their ideas. Encourage their creativeness. Take time to help them develop their gifts. Invest in their happiness. Have fun teaching them. I am taking the steps and have faith that my kids will be successful. I am determined to give them a chance. Are you?

Love and blessings,

PS. Elyssa and Elyssa have an autographed copy, which we are reading now. Grab yours today!