Do Dad’s Spend More Time With The Children Who Resemble Them More?

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Interesting article in Science Daily this week titled ‘Fathers Spen…

The article talks about a study conducted in several villages in Senegal where the researches scored the resemblance of a child to its father and how much time the Dad spent with that child who resembles them. They concluded that the Fathers in these villages spent more time with their ‘mini me’ children.

Now taking this into personality wiring I can see how as parents we can relate to each of our children however I can see how we can relate ‘with ease’ with children that are wired just like us.

For example our daughter Melissa has a really unique C/D/S wiring. One clear S wiring attribute she has is that she does not like conflict. She abhors it. Similarly my husband Greg with his S/C wiring does not like conflict as well. You can see it when they are in the midst of a conflict in their life, they are relentless until it is resolved. They are truly peacekeepers. If one is talking about a conflict the other will immediately offer support and suggestions to resolve it. Clearly the fact that they are so similarly wired in that area gives them an amazing ‘relate-ability’. When there is a strong similarity, the ability to relate effectively is easier because you’re each speaking the same language.

It was very revealing to me reading a recent testimonial we received here at My Wired Style, this an excerpt from the Kelly Family speaking about Savanna age 6 “…Her responses to the questions were thoughtful and considered. She came out as a high C, with secondary S and D aspects…Being a D myself, I have to constantly remind myself to restrain some of my driving behavior as it affects her adversely. I’ve also consciously followed up on affirming the C child and have seen immediate results with it!”

And that is precisely what we’re about at My Wired Style, helping families to connect in the sweet spot of relationship, focusing on their child’s strengths and unleashing them to the purpose for which they were uniquely created.

Happy Fathers Day!