Positive Parenting = successful and confident children!

I am so excited about writing my first book! I am doing everything to get it published, so I recently went to an event called “Mega Book Marketing University” with Mark Victor Hansen (you know him from the many “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books he’s co-authored with Jack Canfield). The event was magnificent and helped tremendously!

Mark Victor Hansen’s latest book, “The Richest Kids in America”, is the greatest example of positive parenting. The “kids” are all talented in their own unique way, but all share the same love: love for themselves and their passions and love and gratitude for their positive moms and positive dads. Continue reading Positive Parenting = successful and confident children!

Do Dad’s Spend More Time With The Children Who Resemble Them More?

In this weeks My Wired Style Podcast on itunes…

Interesting article in Science Daily this week titled ‘Fathers Spen…

The article talks about a study conducted in several villages in Senegal where the researches scored the resemblance of a child to its father and how much time the Dad spent with that child who resembles them. They concluded that the Fathers in these villages spent more time with their ‘mini me’ children.

Now taking this into personality wiring I can see how as parents we can relate to each of our children however I can see how we can relate ‘with ease’ with children that are wired just like us. Continue reading Do Dad’s Spend More Time With The Children Who Resemble Them More?

Positive Choice

If you change your way of thinking, you can change your lifestyle.
Be positive, you can achieve what ever you desire in life, if you really want to.

I started a business called POSITIVE CHOICE.

It allows people to have a choice, do you want to stay as you are, or would you like a better, secure future.
Think back five years, are you where you want to be, today. Move forward five years, what you are doing today will that take you to where you want to be. Continue reading Positive Choice